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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

Affiliate Program Questions

Who manages our Affiliate Program?

We work with Verotel, they manage and our affiliate program, providing tracking of all leads generated by your traffic to our website. If you generate a sale with traffic coming from your website, blog or other means of directing traffic to our site and if they purchase a subscription, you will get credited for that sale and any sales generated with your traffic.

What percentage do I get to keep?

Our affiliate program pays you 50% of the ticket price sold. You do not get charged the processing fees or anything else other than the cost to remit payment to your bank account.

So if the sale price is $20 dollars for the subscription, you get to pocket $10 dollars from that sale. The more sales you generate per month, it can lead to a good income for providing your traffic to our site. And we have a unique website offering something interesting that people enjoy consuming.

When do I get paid?

Depending on your volume of sales, you will get paid on a weekly basis or or monthly. If you generate high volume sales, you can set the payment frequency to weekly or when you reach certain threshold.

Payments are send directly from Verotel to your financial institution by direct deposit or wire transfer.

Do I need to have a website?

It's not necessary to have have a website in order to promote or market our site. If you have a blog, you can include the ads on it. If you do social marketing, you can promote the site and gain sales that way.

There are many ways to promote the site and gain an income. A lot of social networking is possible and yield high income. There is also email marketing and other means of promoting the site. Just look for the best way of doing it and you can be on your way to earning an income.

Setup & Linking

Do I need to know how to code to become an affiliate?

No, you do not need to know how to code in order to become an affiliate. The process is simple and straighforward, when you become an affiliate you will get a unique URL with your ID in that URL. So you will use that URL to link it to text links, banner ads, video ads or provide it in your social media accounts.

You can copy and paste your URL into any media you want to use. We provide examples in our setup and linking page and there is some coded examples you can use straight away for beginners. The process is not complicated and if you require any help, feel free to contact us and we will get someone to help you.

How to use my affiliate ID with text links?

Text links are simple and we provide an example on how to create them with your affiliate ID in our setup and linking page. You can simple enter your affiliate ID and generate the URL that you need to use to track all sales.

Example of a text link code:

<a href=""><b>Genital Size, it's larger than you think!</b></a>


Genital Size, it's larger than you think!

How does a banner link work?

Banner ads are simple to use and to get started, with many web publications, all you need is to place a link in an image and you are all set to go. We provide you with a special link that you can use to link any image, video, or media you wish to use.

Example of a banner link code:

This part includes your special URL (example).

<a href="">

This part includes the image call-up that links to your URL.

<img src=""></a>

Marketing Tools

Can I promote it on my website or blog?

There is no restriction of promoting Genital Size on your own website or blog. You can use any of our marketing tools to promote the site and generate sales coming from your own website or blog. Just follow the instructions on how to link the text links and media ads correctly so you get credit for all sales you generate.

Can I promote it on social media?

Yes, if you have the means to promote our website on social media, you may do so. Just follow the guidelines of the social media platform you are using. If you know social media, it can be a way to gain a large audience and generate sales and revenue.

Use of banners and media?

You can use any and all banners we have made for online marketing. You can even modify them to your own needs and place them how you like on your publications.

Can I use content or logos?

If you find something useful that will help you market and promote the site, you may use it for that purpose.

Can I create my own banner ads?

Yes, if you are creative and think you can have an advantage in creating your own banners or ads, feel free to do so. If it helps you generate more sales, you can explore creating your own marketing media and campaings.

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